White Jungle (English Edition) par Robert White

White Jungle (English Edition) par Robert White

Titre de livre: White Jungle (English Edition)

Auteur: Robert White

Broché: 221 pages

Date de sortie: March 28, 2011

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Robert White avec White Jungle (English Edition)

Jungles can be some of the most treacherous places on earth, but the plots of men can be even more dangerous. White Jungle is a fast paced and action packed novel that finds pilot William Blake crash landed in a full scale drug war in the vastness of the Colombian rain forest. Out manned and out gunned, he must not only root out the corruption within the Colombian Government, but amongst his own colleagues before it’s too late. Blake battles mercenary soldiers and ruthless drug lords on multiple fronts to save the lives of countless innocents. Aviation enthusiast and action lovers alike will most definitely enjoy White Jungle.

About the Author

Robert White, born in 1977, started out as a corporate pilot before beginning his writing career. He spent over four years of his aviation career living in remote areas of Africa and the Middle East. This unique experience gives him the insight and technical expertise to correctly depict the characters and situations that he most vividly describes in his books.