Turquerie: An Eighteenth-Century European Fantasy par Haydn Williams

Turquerie: An Eighteenth-Century European Fantasy par Haydn Williams

Titre de livre: Turquerie: An Eighteenth-Century European Fantasy

Auteur: Haydn Williams

ISBN: 0500252068

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Haydn Williams avec Turquerie: An Eighteenth-Century European Fantasy

Painstakingly researched from many sources, this is the first book to look at the artistic phenomenon known as turquerie. At the end of the 17th century, the long-standing fear of the Turk in Europe was gradually replaced by fascination. Travellers accounts of the Ottoman lands, translations of works such as One Thousand and One Nights, and the magnificent spectacle of Ottoman ambassadors and their retinues were among the catalysts that inspired the creation of a European fantasy of this world. In this new book, Haydn Williams shows how turquerie manifested itself in the arts across Europe. Its most intense and long-lasting expression was in France, but its reach was broad: from a mosque folly in Kew Gardens to an ivory statuette of a janissary created in Dresden for King Augustus II of Poland and the costumes worn for a carnival celebration in Rome in 1748. Focusing on categories including painting, architecture, interiors and the theatre, Turquerie provides an engaging account of this whimsical European fantasy.

Deeply researched and lavishly illustrated, this is a gorgeous book with broad appeal. --The World of Interiors, Philippa Scott

Marvellous. --Literary Review

A veritable - and beautiful taxonomy ... a fascinating glimpse into an increasingly collectible area of art. --The Art Book

Smart and beautifully illustrated ... Williams does a masterly job distilling the many sophisticated histories and concepts that must be understood to fully appreciate the origins and manifestations of Turkish trends and tastes in Europe. --Burlington Magazine

From mosque follies to carnival costumes, this splendidly illustrated book examines an intriguing cultural phenomenon. --The Lady, Juanita Coulson

After the Ottoman siege of Vienna has been lifted in 1683, an ancestral fear of the Turk soon yielded to fascination throughout Europe. Haydn Williams' lavishly illustrated volume gathers hundreds of examples that testify to a veritable vogue for turquerie, a fantasy no less compelling than the celebrated chinoiserie of the age. --The Art Newspaper

Haydn Williams is well placed to explore this rich and evocative phenomenon ... With its sumptuous illustrations, this book would appeal to anyone interested in Ottoman culture, Orientalism, or eighteenth-century decorative arts. --Cassone

Haydn Williams, formerly a director at Sotheby's, is now an independent fine art consultant.