HR Analytics: The What, Why and How... par Tracey  Smith

HR Analytics: The What, Why and How... par Tracey Smith

Titre de livre: HR Analytics: The What, Why and How...

Auteur: Tracey Smith

Broché: 142 pages

Date de sortie: October 23, 2013

ISBN: 1492739162

Éditeur: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

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Tracey Smith avec HR Analytics: The What, Why and How...

How can HR show value? With 20+ years of analytical expertise, the author guides you into the land of HR analytics to answer this question. The reader of this book is a business leader, an HR leader, analyst, student or just plain curious about what analytics in the Human Resource function is all about. It is intended for the business-minded individual interested in learning about the strategic advantages which can be obtained from performing analytics on the wealth of data stored in HR systems. The book begins with a brief history of the evolution of HR information and explains some of the differences between the stages of information progression. It also provides an opinion on who needs to know these differences and who doesn't. The book moves on to provide advice on how to best select metrics for HR and how to approach an analysis is an organized way. A full chapter is dedicated to practical examples in order to assist the reader in generating ideas of how to provide value to the organization. Examples are provided using simple and more advanced techniques. The intent, however, is to show where value can be found in HR data and not to provide instruction on mathematical techniques. For the HR leader, the book will go on to examine the advantages and disadvantages of trying to build these capabilities in-house and will provide a realistic view of the challenges associated with implementing analytics in Human Resources. For the HR analyst, a section is included to discuss the realistic challenges you will face in collecting and analyzing HR data. Those entering this field or thinking about it, can then go in with their eyes wide open. A brief introduction to Strategic Workforce Planning is provided because it overlaps with HR analytics in one of its major steps. Finally, the book provides advice and opinions on data analysis and visualization tools available to the HR professional. What Will This Book Do for Me? Before the reader embarks on his / her journey through the pages of this book, it is important to know the types of questions that will be answered. Only then can the reader determine the true value of this material for his / her business. The list below is not all inclusive, but will provide the reader with an idea on how the information contained herein can be used. 1. How can I show some HR analytics quick wins to my leadership team? 2. What are the evolutionary stages of analytics and in what stage are most businesses? 3. How can I organize my analysis efforts? 4. What can regression analysis do for me? 5. How can I link HR to the business? 6. How can I get strategic value out of an HR survey? 7. Should I have an in-house analytics group? If so, which skill sets should I look for? 8. What challenges can I realistically expect to face if I head into HR analytics? Under the new pressure for Human Resources to provide higher value to the company, answering these and similar questions for the organization will increase the strategic level of Human Resources.