Vineland (Postcard History Series) (English Edition) por Arjorie Moniodis Ingraham

Vineland (Postcard History Series) (English Edition) por Arjorie Moniodis Ingraham

Titulo del libro: Vineland (Postcard History Series) (English Edition)

Autor: Arjorie Moniodis Ingraham

Número de páginas: 128 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: October 27, 2014

Editor: Arcadia Publishing

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Arjorie Moniodis Ingraham con Vineland (Postcard History Series) (English Edition)

In 1861, Charles K. Landis carved the village of Vineland from the western edge of the Pine Barrens. The community quickly attracted a diverse population who farmed and manufactured. A network of railroads enabled the town to ship its produce and products to markets along the East Coast. Vineland was recognized as a cultural mecca as well as a center of civil rights and women's suffrage. Physically the largest "small town" in New Jersey in square miles, Vineland today still attracts newcomers in search of new opportunities, just as Landis hoped for all those years ago.