Lockheed Elite (English Edition) por Tyler Wandschneider

Lockheed Elite (English Edition) por Tyler Wandschneider

Titulo del libro: Lockheed Elite (English Edition)

Autor: Tyler Wandschneider

Número de páginas: 416 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: August 17, 2017

Editor: Stars in Hand

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Tyler Wandschneider con Lockheed Elite (English Edition)

Silver Book Award Winner by Literary Titan

“Never failing to entertain, Lockheed Elite establishes characters who could recur in a series that would find a loyal audience. …Lockheed Elite stands out as a captivating, well-plotted science fiction novel that’s loaded with action and intrigue. It’s a rollicking sci-fi tale with twists and turns one does not always see coming.” -Foreword Clarion Reviews

"Tyler Wandschneider's Lockheed Elite is a thoroughly enjoyable sci-fi crime adventure akin to an episode of Firefly than anything else." -Literary Titan


Intergalactic salvager Anders Lockheed is caught between a rock and a hard place. In trying to avoid a nefarious enemy and save his crew, he must plan and execute one last heist — before the Galactic Alliance catches up with him.